Visa rejected? Can you apply again?

A temporary permit to stay in Germany while the asylum procedure is pending ©dpa

YES. Everyone is welcome to apply for a visa at an embassy. However, if a previous visa application of yours has been rejected, you have to show that the reason for this rejection is no longer applicable. This is going to be more difficult the more applications you have filed.

Visa policy

Stays of up to three months:  What is a Schengen visa?

EU law governs the requirements for stays of up to three months in Schengen member states, including Germany. A Schengen visa entitles its holder to stay in the Schengen area as long as the visa is valid, but no longer than three months in any six-month period. Stays for the purpose of tourism, to visit friends or family, and on business are generally allowed.

Which country are you from?

EU visa policy includes a list of third countries whose citizens require a visa and those whose citizens do not. A Schengen visa comes in a high-security format preventing forgery and misuse. There are uniform criteria for submitting, evaluating and deciding on visa applications.

Stays of more than three months

Stays of more than three months are not governed by the Schengen process. They are ruled by national law. Stays of more than three months may be allowed only for certain purposes, such as to rejoin a spouse, to study at a university or to take up employment (in particular researchers and highly qualified workers).

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