MigApp helps migrants to make informed decisions

MigApp ©IOM
MigApp ©IOM

The International Organization for Migration’s mobile app, MigApp, offers reliable and practical information to help migrants make well-informed decisions during their journeys. The latest version of the digital platform keeps users updated on risks, visa issues, health care, rights and policies. The app also offers other services valuable to migrants. And it helps you to stay connected with other migrants. In short, MigApp is the convenient one-stop-shop to meet migrants’ needs.

When migrating to another country, it can be challenging to find reliable answers to important questions relating to such issues as visa regulations or where to find support in the country in question. Migrants often have many questions:

  • What are the possible risks that I face?
  • Which visa regulations apply?
  • Where can I get help when I encounter health problems?
  • Have there been any changes to rules and regulations recently?

MigApp provides a wide range of up-to-date information – all in one user-friendly app.


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5 popular MigApp features:

Doctor Translate
MigApp’s doctor-patient translator is designed to help you overcome language barriers during medical appointments. After selecting your preferred language (and that of the doctor), MigApp takes you through a step-by-step translation process based on typical doctor-patient conversations.

Global Incidents
Activate MigApp’s notification system to be notified about reported incidents (such as terrorism or health warnings) in your country of residence.

Money Transfer
MigApp’s Money Transfer feature compares the transfer fees and exchange rates of different remittance providers in real time, helping you to send more money home.

Travel, Visa & Health Regulations
Select your countries of departure and destination to get an accurate overview of travel requirements (including visa and health regulations).

Voluntary Return and Reintegration
Learn about IOM’s Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) programme.

What is AVRR?

AVRR refers to the administrative, logistical and financial support,
including reintegration assistance, provided for migrants who
volunteer to return to their countries of origin.


MigApp is available on iOS and Android.

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Last updated: 19.11.2019 Published: 14.11.2019