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This website of the German Federal Foreign Office is the central informational resource of the ongoing information campaign that Germany conducts since 2015 to ensure that potential and current migrants, as well as their communities, do not have to rely on false information and rumours spread by people smugglers.

The goal of the website is not to deter, but to inform. The decision to embark on the dangerous journey to Europe is such an important one that it should be based on facts, not rumours. Unfortunately, many irregular migrants make the decision to set out for Europe based on inaccurate information and rumours spread by people smugglers who are interested in profit, not the benefit and safety of the migrants.

This website aims to counter rumours with an accurate description of the reality of irregular migration towards Europe. It covers the real cost and risks of the journey, the legal and practical dimensions of applying for asylum in Germany as well as the facts on who might be granted protection status and permission to work, and who is unlikely to be granted the right to stay in Germany and thus, will have to return home.

In addition, the website offers information for people who are already in transit to Europe and who might be looking for information on alternatives to onward migration and assistance for returning home. Similarly, the website informs irregular migrants already in Germany where they can find information about support programs for voluntary return to their country of origin. Lastly, the website aims to inform about Germany’s commitment to address the challenges that cause refugees and irregular migrants to leave their home, for example by highlighting German engagement for humanitarian aid, crisis stabilisation, and development cooperation.

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