Is it possible to apply again for asylum in another EU country?

No. Even though refugees sometimes hope to improve their situation by moving from one EU country to the other, they do not have the right to apply for asylum again in another EU country. This also applies if the services provided to asylum seekers in one country appear to be better than in the other or if their asylum claim has been rejected in the first country.

Those who wish to apply for asylum in the EU need to do so in the country where they first entered the EU (or one of the other Schengen countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). If a person has a visa or a residence permit for an EU or Schengen country, he or she can only apply for asylum in that specific European country.

According to European law, the purpose of what is known as the “Dublin procedure” is for each asylum application to be examined under the law of only one country.

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Published: 30.04.2019