Will Germany grant asylum to 25 percent of all refugees coming to Europe via Italy?

NO. Germany and a number of EU member states have agreed on a temporary emergency mechanism for rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea. However, this does not foresee fixed quotas for refugees that Germany would take from Italy.

Refugees taken on board rescue ships will be registered and undergo background security checks. Subsequently, they can be sent to EU member states willing to accept them without further delay. The states involved in this temporary agreement are France, Germany, Italy and Malta.

Those refugees sent to Germany will start their asylum application process immediately. In the event that they are not entitled to full refugee protection, they will be deported back to their country of origin swiftly.

This temporary emergency mechanism will initially apply for six months starting in October 2019 and can be extended if the partners involved agree. Should the number of refugees rise significantly, each country may terminate the agreement unilaterally.

Please remember: The temporary emergency mechanism does not reduce the risks involved in the life-threatening journey across the Mediterranean Sea.


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Published: 29.10.2019