Need to return home? Here’s what you have to know

„I want to make a fresh start“ – the story of Julius Eche from Nigeria

Julius Eche left Nigeria in search for a better life in Germany. But his expectations were far from reality.

A comeback in Tunisia

Returnees from Europe find jobs through a German-Tunisian advisory centre

True or false?

Will Germany help you to return to your country of origin?


Yes. If you want to go back home, Germany will help you. There are various programs supported by the government to help you go back to your own country and to build up your life again there.

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True or false?

If you want to go home, will Germany send you somewhere else?


If you agree to leave Germany voluntarily, you can either go to your home country or to a third country if that country is willing to receive you. The rumour that Germany sends you to a third country as a transit station before you are able to go home is not true.

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